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Boiler Installations


At Boiler and Heating Care, we can install any type of boiler into your home and run all the copper piping to the required appliances. Throughout Chingford and the rest of London, more and more people are becoming aware of the positive effect that the installation of a new boiler has on your home.

Boiler Repairs & Services


At Boiler and Heating Care, we can perform all assessments, diagnostics, and repairs on your boiler in order to make sure that it is gas safe and meets all government requirements. We can also provide you with a boiler gas safe certificate if needed.

Power Flushing


Since you have a central heating system in your house, it also means that you have to have a central  heating power flush performed at your house every few years to keep the system free of sludge or debris.

There are some sure-fire signs that your central heating needs a power flush

  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • Heat up is slow at times
  • Banging noises from the boiler and unexplained cut-outs
  • Escalating fuel bills
  • Very little hot water

Plumbing Services


We pride ourselves in offering some of the best plumbing services. Our pipe work installations, repairs and alterations are amongst the best and this is due to our highly trained plumbers and the large investments we have put towards our specialist equipment and tools.

Central Heating Systems


In your home, your boiler is a vital part of your central heating system. The boiler – as the name suggests – heats up the water which is then circulated around your home to the required appliance. At Boiler and Heating Care in Chingford, London, we can install a central heating system in your home and can make sure that all of the appliances are working as they should.

Commercial & Industrial Plumbings


We offer all types of commercial gas services in London including commercial boiler installations, repairs and services. We have dealt with many large scale commercial central heating solutions.

Our engineers are all gas safe registered, licensed and qualified with many years of experience working on commercial systems and installing them.

Air Source Heat Pump


Our business offers professional air source heat pump services and repairs, including routine maintenance, complex troubleshooting, component replacement, and energy efficiency optimisation. Our experienced technicians can help keep your air source heat pump running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. 

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