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Here at Boiler & Heating Care we offer a high quality power flushing service with our top of the line power flushing pump kit which is attached to a magnetic filter and heating element. Power flushing is very important especially when you are fitting a new boiler in as it deep cleans the central heating pipework and radiators from contaminants like sludge, rust and dirt. These contaminants can cause all sorts of issues with your boiler causing it to breakdown and even damage other parts of the boiler which can create a very expensive repair bill.

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The pump is connected into the heating system by one of several different methods. Most systems may be flushed from a single connection point.

Power flushing is highly effective cleansing operation which works by pumping water at high velocity through the heating system. This loosens and mobilises harmful deposits, and suspends them in the rapidly moving water. Once loosened, the unwanted debris is purged from the system with clean water.

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